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Kiss My Ponytail

PURPLE/WHITE Ponytail Beanie

PURPLE/WHITE Ponytail Beanie

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Introducing the Purple/White Ponytail Beanie! A stunning blend of regal purple and crisp white, this beanie embodies winter's majestic beauty. With its tailored ponytail slot, your locks flow effortlessly, harmonizing with the dual-tone design. Crafted from soft, insulating materials, it's a fusion of warmth and royal elegance. Embrace winter's chill with a touch of regal radiance and timeless style! #PurplePrestige #PonytailBeanie #WinterRoyalty #DualToneDelight #StayWarmInStyle #RegalRadiance #BeanieBlend #ColdWeatherCrown #MonochromeMajesty #PonytailPalace

Brand: Kiss My Ponytail 
Colour: Purple/White

Kiss My Ponytail beanies allow you to wear your hair in a messy bun or ponytail and still wear your beanie comfortably without ruining your hairstyle!

Stay comfy and stylish this winter and keep your whole head warm without your bun or hair in the way.

Our beanies have been designed for time-saving and convenience and is perfect for your leisurely active outdoor adventures, snow sports and camping.


100% high quality soft acrylic

* Perfect for pulling your hair allowing you to wear a high ponytail, a bun or a messy hairstyle

* One size fits all




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